Don’t Talk About Sex on a First Date

Don’t Talk About Sex on a First Date

n this article I want to focus on talking about sex on first dates.

I can’t think of a better way to turn single women off, have her lose respect for you, and make her not want to see you again.

I know you probably think about sex most of time and you may not see any harm in expressing your feelings about sex while on a date.

Once you get to know a girl she may feel more comfortable talking about sex, but doing this on your very first date is taboo.

Here are some examples of questions and comments pertaining to sex you must never ask or discuss on a first date:

  • How are you in bed?
  • How many sex partners have you had on adultfrienedfinder?
  • How many one-night stands have you had?
  • Do you believe in having sex on the first date?
  • Are you horny tonight?
  • Can I spend the night with you?
  • Will you make love to me?
  • Talk about what a strong sex drive you have.
  • Talk about what a great lover you are.

Trust me guys, single women don’t like it when you get too sexually aggressive on a first date. Even worse is all during the date; all you can talk about is sex or things of a sexual nature. When you do this, she will get the impression that all you want to do is use women for sex and you treat women like a piece of meat.

When you focus too much on sex, it shows that you don’t have much respect for her. You’ll make a much better impression on her by being a complete gentleman and keep your hormones in check (being romantic is just fine, just don’t get too sexual).

In closing, I can almost guarantee you that if you come on too strong sexually on your first date; you really hurt your chances for a second date.Your best strategy is to take things slow and let nature take its course. It takes time to develop a relationship and when you both develop chemistry and attraction towards each other, intimacy follows.

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