How to Pleasure a Woman in 10 Simple Steps?

How to Pleasure a Woman in 10 Simple Steps?

1. Surprise Her

Each one of us has is own routine of sex and love making positions. Some start with a kiss, others with caressing and some with getting their hands to different places.

I m sure it took you a few years to learn your best moves and the love making positions that you are great in, but if you dont innovate and surprise everything will get boring in the end – Be confident, throw away the auto pilot and try to touch her differently today, add some toys, try new love making positions.

Couples that can laugh about themselves in bed usually have a better sex life.

2. Make Love – Not War

Relax, you are not in a battle field, stop thinking about your erection or your next move, look in your partner’s eyes, smile and open your heart towards her. And don’t forget the most important thing- to touch gently in the right places.
If it sounds too kitschy for you – go away, grow up and come back when you are really ready to learn how to pleasure a woman.

3. Know When To Take Command 

Its true that a lot of women today know exactly what they want in bed and what love making positions are good for them. But EVERY woman you met with the help of adultfrienedfinder app ios, even the most feminist one, especially if she understood that “you got it”, would prefer to lay back and let you treat her as you will.
This is the time to lead, make yourself believe that your are the best lover in the world and show her what you got – You’ll be the dream lover of any woman.

4. Read 

Maybe you slept with a lot of women, and you think you saw all the pornographic movies available – making love is like anything else in life – you must keep learning if you want to get better and really know how to pleasure a woman.

Especially if you’ve been with a woman for a long time – reading books and internet articles will give you new ideas, new tips. Believe me – a satisfied partner is the best spouse ever, and if you do it right, even after a few years she will love you more and more everyday.

5. When She Says No

No one likes to hear NO, especially in bed, that’s why we become more and more conservative and walk only on the safe side. But a super lover is one who dares, tries to add new love making positions and tricks and don’t let the fear of rejection manage him.

Put your ego aside, next to your pants, and jump to bed without restrains, in the worst case she’ll say she doesn’t like it.

6. Oral Is The Way To Go

Its true that vagina doesn’t have the fragrance of a blooming orchid like women do tend to think, and still it is a well known axiom that a wonderful lover is one who knows to give Oral pleasure with devotion, skill and love.If you’ll do it right – you’ll get into her top list of lovers even if you’ll have a small penis, too hairy body or you’ll come fast…
If you’ll know how to use your fingers skills, tongue skills and lips skills you’ll be able to do what no vibrator can do, and believe me that your partner will remember you in 20 years from now.

7. Don’t Be Quiet! 

Usually women are those who make the groaning and moaning in bed. You are not in a military secret operation or in an ambush for terrorists. If a woman doesn’t make a sound we consider her cold and not interested – and the same goes for you.
Even better than groaning and moaning are questions like: Do you like it? Is it pleasant? Stronger? Would you like me to…? This way you can learn faster what she likes and to remember it for future use.

8. Be Patient – Go Tantra 

The reason women want us to watch all this stuff and learn about it is in order to change our focus – from the future orgasm we all think about to the present. Stop thinking how to make her come and start thinking how to squeeze every drop of pleasure from each moment – The only time that exists is now.

9. Compliments

Every woman, even super models and movie stars, has some difficulty with some fault in her body. The fact that a woman feels comfortable enough with you in order to get naked next to you is a great compliment for you. A lover that wants to get to his partner’s heart will do it through exact compliments: Tell her how much you love her sent, how much you are turned on by her touch etc. Choose an organ in her body and give her compliments about it, touch it like it was the biggest treasure you ever saw.
Make her feel like she is the most attractive, wonderful woman that you ever met. Be careful not to give her fake compliments – those will cause much a lot of damage.

10. Finale

You came or you didn’t, she came or she didn’t – it doesn’t matter, even though your brain will send to your body this chemical stuff that will make you want to run away – to sleep or to smoke – stay a few more minutes with her, kiss her, caress her and make her feel that it is her that you want and not her sex. And that my friend is a big lesson in learning how to pleasure a woman.

There is the big size discussion and does the size of your little friend truly matters. I decided not to cover it in this post but if you want you can check out penis enlargment for more information. I also decided to discuss the premature ejaculation issue.

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