Now You Can Be the King of French Kissing in 10 Easy Steps!

Now You Can Be the King of French Kissing in 10 Easy Steps!

The way you kiss a girl has a great influence on where things go next. To seduce women and really excite them, and turn your relationship to a more a sexual one quickly, you’ll have to learn the art of French kissing. It’s known as the most passionate type of kissing and will do wonders for your success with women. Conversely, a bad kiss can ruin the chances of sex even before things start to develop. In these simple points will discover how to kiss irresistibly.

  1.  Start off slowly and then go all in. At the first kiss guys are tempted to immediately start kissing fiercely, so that in this way they express all the until-then-suppressed feelings, but overly vigorous insistence from the start may repel her. Indeed, it is more erotic to start slowly and gently turn up the passion. Like starting the fire – initially you need only a spark and some kindling. Depending on the mood, just a few seconds is enough for the flames to flare up to seduce women with French kissing.
  2. First the lips, then the tongue. Keep your lips relaxed and slightly apart as you go in for the kiss. Don’t immediately stick your tongue into her mouth. First, gently go over her lips with your tongue and wait for her to wish for more. If she responds by touching your tongue with hers, consider it an invitation to go further in. Let your tongue movements be instinctive and dynamic; don’t stiffen your tongue, but don’t go darting in and out like a snake or some lizard. That’s definitely not French kissing.
  3. Allow her some breathing space. Always make sure she can breathe. Avoid being in a position where your noses are shut, so you run out of air. Do not forget to breathe when you kiss. You can discretely inhale and exhale through the nose even though you are lip-locked.
  4. Give and receive. Kissing is like dancing with a partner. You have to move with her, feel her and keep in line with her pace, movement and mood. The best French kissing is like game of  forward – backward, stimulus – response. You try something and pay attention to how she responds to it with her voice and mouth. If she likes it, continue and deepen it, and if not, follow her style.
  5. Watch the saliva. French kissing is not a saliva exchange. Your lover does not want a mouthful of saliva. Moisten your tongue and lips just enough to lubricate them so that your lips easily glide over hers. You won’t seduce women with kisses that are too dry or too wet and slippery.
  6. Nibble gently. Gently nibbling on and pulling your partner’s lips can be very sexy if done carefully. The edges of the teeth can be harsh on the lips, so kiss her lower lip and gently suck it between teeth. Then slowly and seductively squeeze her lip with your teeth. Don’t bite! You don’t want her to bleed, do you?
  7. Use your hands. Use your hands in such a way that it flows with the kissing. Caress her face, ears, back of her neck and hair. It is very romantic and will seduce a woman. Depending on the position, you can do more things, but don’t use kissing as a means of distraction to grab her breasts or behind. Slowly progress and explore.
    (Extra tip: Gently but firmly pull her hair on the back of her head  (closer to the roots) or slightly squeeze the part of her body right under her breasts (her ribs).
  8. Less is more. Some of the sexiest moments when French kissing are when your lips are barely touching hers. Try it. Tilt your head back, pause for a moment and look into her eyes while gently brushing your lips on hers. If done correctly, this can make her feel as if the whole world had stopped and her head is spinning. It’s the little things like that that seduce women.
  9. Stay focused. Guys think that French kissing is just an introduction to cuddling or adultfrienedfinder app sex. It can be, but when you kiss, you must stay focused on kissing. She will notice if your thoughts are wandering or if you are trying to figure out how to take off her bra. Think of the kiss as a goal in itself, and not as a way of getting into her pants.
  10. Use your mouth to seduce her. Use your tongue and lips to encourage her to want more. French kissing should say, “This is just a small part of what I can give you”. Many women judge what the man will be like in bed by the way he kisses them: whether you are sensitive, thoughtful; if you are a passionately kisser, it means you are explosive in bed; if you are aggressive or a wet kisser, it means that you are a dud in bed.

If you can show yourself in the best light when French kissing, you will wind up in bed with women in no time. Study these tips and remember – practice makes perfect.  And it’s a practice you will enjoy as you Seduce Women Like a King!

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