Better Sex Tips

Better Sex Tips

If you and your partner have been thinking about sexplorations that involve ass play, then something like anal beads could be an answer. These beads can not only increase female orgasm but they can stimulate the prostate gland in men too. When utilized during a man’s climax, it can make the orgasm extremely intense. There are even anal dildos and plugs that allow you to prep the area for penile or dildo penetration.

Although some men may associate anal play with homosexuality, hetero couples can also add this to their sexual repertoire. Believe me, the sex life will be far from hum drum if you are willing to explore this aspect of your sexuality with an open mind. For an understanding of anal sex with women check out the free sex tips for a downloadable tutorial.

You may be aware of the better sex video series that is available for purchase online — Do NOT purchase this Sinclair institute video unless you are very new to sex. There is very little in it for most men or couples. Check out some of the poor review on the Internet for more information. Our Home Study Course would be a much better option for a man wanting to learn sexual master and is a better sex guide in every respect. The Sinclair institute video is a commercial mainstream over simplistic attempt at adult sex education.

There are various themes to sex videos that cater to any type of proclivities. If you have a bisexual lady, she may enjoy scenes of women having sex with other chicks or enjoy using thrusting vibrators. Watching a video like this is a form of what is called “social proof”. Social proof makes a person more likely to want to do something. The use of sexual social proof is explained in our workshops and home study course.

Adding all these better sex tips together with a due recognition for what your partner on adultfriendrfinder enjoys will make for magnificent hi-jinks in ye olde bedroom! Sex will never be the same again — With the right information you will find the hottie of your dreams begging for it.

If you truly want to know how to have better sex, the answer is simple – Knowledge! Spend time to learn how to explore the sexual matrix of her mind. You can add whatever better sex techniques you like, but until you acclimate to what the person in your life desires, you will not find true success. So, the reality is, good sex comes with knowledge, technique, good communication and a genuine desire to see your lover enjoy themselves. If you apply this principle, you will truly be able to find better sex and continue to improve your love life for years to come. – Alicia

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